Gas Logs

Reclaim Your Fireplace With Beautiful, Convenient Gas Logs

As beautiful as wood-burning fireplaces are, we don’t all have the luxury of time it takes to use them — between buying, gathering or cutting wood, stacking it and storing it, building a fire, tending a fire, and cleaning up after the fire, wood requires some dedication. And that unfortunately leaves a lot of homeowners with beautiful and beloved wood-burning fireplaces that get little to no use.


If that describes your situation, Morrill and Forbes can help you reclaim that fireplace. Gas logs can be an ideal solution when your fireplace looks great, but needs a real ease-of-use boost in order to fit into your lifestyle.

Today’s Gas Logs And Gas Fires Look Great

Early gas logs might not have been terribly convincing, but you’ll be amazed by the gas logs on the market today. At Morrill and Forbes, we carry some of the industry’s best gas logs, made with ceramic and refractory materials that stand strong against the heat of repeated fires, and finished with intricate details that add remarkable realism.

  • Lennox Gas Logs – Lennox crafts gas log sets for all kinds of fireplaces, from traditional to peninsula and see-through units. Functionally, they’re wonderful additions to a space, with adjustable heat output settings, 99-percent heat efficiency, and major ease of use (you can even opt for a wireless remote control). Aesthetically, these detailed logs and dancing yellow flames bring the beauty of a wood fire without any of the work. Some log models are cast and molded from real logs to achieve an even greater level of realism!
  • Real Fyre Gas Logs – RH Peterson Co.’s Real Fyre Premium Gas Logs offer the performance and convenience you’re looking for, with some of the broadest style options you can imagine. Real Fyre logs give you the chance to create the exact vibe and aesthetic you’re looking for in your fireplace, adding relaxed woodland-cabin moods with a Charred coastaldriftwood2Oak Stack, the air of a beach retreat with Coastal Driftwood, or an arresting pop of brightness with white Mountain Birch. If your tastes are more contemporary, you can expand beyond the wood look completely, with brightly colored Fyre Glass or unique Geometric Shapes. When style is a major interest, Real Fyre lets your imagination run wild.

Do you have a wood fireplace that you’re not getting to use as much as you’d like? Let Morrill and Forbes tell you about the benefits and convenience of gas logs. Give us a call to schedule an in-home consultation with our representatives! 831-625-1034.


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